Watch: Monster Rookies ITZY & (G)I-DLE Cover Beyoncé

MIDZY and Neverlands went crazy after it was revealed that ITZY and (G)I-DLE would cover Beyoncé’s “DIVA” at today’s Gayo Daejejeon and the it’s finally happening!

The groups first performed a short portion of “DALLA DALLA” and “Uh-Oh” before they came together on stage to perform “DIVA”, and they did this iconic song such justice!

Next up, ITZY took the stage wearing silver graduation uniforms and promised us more great things in 2020. The group went on to perform “DALLA DALLA”, this time the full version, but with a wild dance break at the end.

(G)I-DLE’s solo part was next and the girls must have noticed the fans’ reactions to their spooky stages during Queendom because the concept was back tonight!

They decided to end 2019 with a bang as Yuqi appeared on stage on an elevated platform accompanied by a group of backup dancers, all wearing similar black outfits. The whole show just gets better when Soyeon’s solo rap part comes up and, finally, Soojin’s smooth voice ends (G)I-DLE’s portion of the show.

MIDZY and Neverlands, how did you like our monster rookies’ stages?

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