Watch: Special Seollal Stages At MBC’s ‘Music Core’

The January 18 episode of MBC’s Music Core brought us special Seollal stages featuring some of the idols born in the Year of the Rat (’96 liners).

CLC‘s Yujin, Sorn and Seungyeon teamed up with WJSN‘s Soobin, MOMOLAND‘s Hyebin and April‘s Yoon Chaekyung for a special cover of Girls’ Generation’s hit song “Gee”.

Check out the cute performance in the video below.

AOA’s Chanmi and SF9’s Rowoon covered “CALL YOU BAE“, a 2016 collab song by AOA’s Jimin and EXO’s Xiumin.

Oh My Girl‘s main vocalist Seunghee blessed the fans with her rendition of IU’s “Meaning Of You”, all the while playing the guitar on the stage.

Kim Jaehwan was the only ’96 liner who performed his own song on today’s show, and he opted for “Who Am I” from his latest album MOMENT.

How do you like the special stages by our ’96 liners?

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