Watch: Stray Kids Go Back To School In “Mixtape: Gone Days” MV

Stray Kids’ new MV is out now!

On December 24, the boys shocked all STAYs when they dropped a new teaser and lyrics preview for a new song.

In “Mixtape: Gone Days”, Stray Kids go back to their school days in a colorful music video.

Compared to their previous releases, the boys seem to be more playful in this MV, but the message they want to relay hits home for all young fans. Stray Kids voice out their frustrations with conservative society and norms rooted in the past when they sing:

Never mind the past,
This is a new generation, go away […]

Stop saying “back in my days”,
I can’t stand it anymore.

With each new song they put out, Stray Kids make sure to be the voice of youth, encouraging their fans to stick up for themselves and find the right path in life.

STAY, how do you like the new song?

Did you notice Jeongin happily holding their first light stick in the video?

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