WayV Finally Reveal Fandom Name

Moments ago, WayV announced their long-awaited official fandom name – WayZenNi.

According to the group’s Weibo post, the members personally picked the name. It comes from the Chinese phrase “威神V珍惜你” (Wēishén V Zhēnxī Nǐ) which means: “WeishenV will cherish you.” How sweet are our boys?

The group shared the fandom logo and the official color on their Twitter account. You can see the post below:

WayV debuted in China as NCT’s latest unit back in May with their first mini album Take Off. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but their next comeback is rumored to take place in late October. Many fans are now wondering how will it all work out with two members – Lucas and Ten – currently preparing for their debut with SuperM. 

Stay tuned for more updates on WayV’s comeback!

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