What To Expect From ‘Queendom’ Ep. 5?

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A day before Queendom Ep. 5 finally airs, Mnet gave us another preview on their official YouTube channel.

In the short video we found out that the girls will be divided not only into units, but also into duets within those units. At least that will be the case with the one unit whose members we already know. According to the video, Mamamoo’s Hwasa and Park Bom will be partners, as well as (G)I-DLE’s Minnie and Oh My Girl’s Hyojung, and finally AOA’s Hyejeong and Lovelyz’ Kei.

The comments below the video are overwhelmingly positive. Everybody is praising the girls for their friendliness towards each other despite what seems like Mnet’s best efforts to up to make them publicly criticize their fellow contestants.

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Are you excited for tomorrow? We sure are. We can’t wait to see how these next two episodes will play out with all the units, duets and the complicated voting system that will have to be in place.

Check back in tomorrow for our recap of ep. 5. 🙂


Ladies and gents, and everybody else who got sucked in by Mnet, how are we holding up?

With half a week to go until the next episode, we’re starting to get excited… and confused. The more we watch the video Mnet posted on their official YouTube account, the less sense everything makes.

So, the one thing we know for sure is that we’ll see how the girls rank after the last episode. There were a lot of surprised gasps in this video, but judging by what everybody was saying last Thursday, our bet is that Oh My Girl will get first place. The rest is still up in the air.

Another thing we know is that the girls will be divided into units for the third preliminary battle. In the video we see the girls go on a trip. They’re all situated in this huge house, and whoever is in the room together will be a unit in the next episode.

Thanks to Park Bom, we probably already know one unit.

From left to right we got Mamamoo’s Hwasa, AOA’s Hyejeong, the legend Park Bom herself, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung and Lovelyz’ Kei.

If this indeed is one unit, and we don’t see how it wouldn’t be, this will be the only unit with members from all six groups/contestants.

Bear with us now. Lovelyz have eight members, OMG seven, (G)I-DLE six, AOA five, Mamamoo four and Park Bom is unfortunately only one person.

As we said, we already know one unit will have six members. This leaves 25 girls. If Mnet wants to keep the number of “groups” the same, this means that the rest of the girls will form five units with five members each. Or?

How will the voting system work? Will each girl be graded individually? No, that would take too much time, there are 31 girls in the competition. Will units be graded and then the points would go to the members’ original groups? Well, that doesn’t make sense either, since some groups have enough members for one or two to be in each unit while Park Bom is one person who can be in only one unit. Will Mnet simply skip the voting for this episode and let us enjoy the performances in peace? No, we don’t think so. It’s Mnet we’re talking about after all.

What do you guys think? Does your brain hurt after this article?

Here’s something to tide you over until Thursday – check out our Queendom recaps: ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3 and ep. 4.

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