What To Expect From ‘Queendom’ Ep. 6?

UPDATE Monday, September 30

With four days until the next episode of Queendom is released, Mnet gave us another preview of what’s to come.

At the beginning of the video we see girls from the vocal team practicing for their duets. Hwasa and Kei seem to be making good progress, and so do Park Bom and Hyojung. The last pair, Minnie and Hyejeong, though, seem to be having some trouble making their duet of Dean’s “Instagram” work.

Apparently, the situation is so bad that Hyejeong says she’s on the verge of a mental breakdown. But alas, Mnet didn’t leave them to fend for themselves this time and they got some help in the form of Don Spike, an acclaimed South Korean composer, producer and singer.

Upon his arrival both girls plead with him to help them. He does give them some tips, but he also tells them that his help is going to cost them and asks if they have money. Is this him joking or a part of Mnet’s plan, only time will tell.

We also found out who the mysterious person that was blurred out in the previous preview is. It is none other that the legendary Lia Kim, one of South Korea’s top choreographers and the CEO of the famous “1 Million Dance Studio” in Seoul. During her long and very successful career, she has worked with some big names such as TWICE, GOT7, Girl’s Generation and Park Bom’s 2ne1.

While it is amazing to see such an iconic choreographer work with our girls, this still leaves the question of who’s going to represent Park Bom in the performance team completely unanswered.

Towards the end of the video we see the vocal team duets practicing in front of the rest of the girls. Although we can’t say for sure because Mnet is notorious for misleading editing in their previews, it seems that we might get some Yuqi gushing over Minnie in the next episode, and we’re here for it.

Stay tuned for more updates before the episode airs this Thursday!



We’re joking, but not really. The fifth episode aired three hours ago, and although it was packed with adorable and funny interactions with the girls, we didn’t get to see any of the performances. You can check out our recap here.

Mnet already published a preview of the sixth episode over on their official YouTube Channel.

In the short clip we see a blurred out person arrive at the house the girls are staying at. This has to be the mysterious sixth member of the performance team, possibly someone Park Bom chose to represent her in “Six Puzzle”, since she has to get those points somehow.

We also see the girls racing, if you can call it that, to get to the lightstick. We wonder what the winning girl/team will get. Last time Lovelyz won the lemon eating challenge and got to choose any song they wanted to cover.

We also see the girls practicing for their duets. Hwasa partnered up with Kei, Park Bom with Hyojung and Minnie with Hyejeong.

We can’t wait to hear what songs the girls decided to sing and what the performance team’s stage will look like. Stay tuned for more updates during the week as Mnet releases more preview videos.

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