What To Expect From ‘Queendom’ Ep. 7?

UPDATE (October 10)

On the day episode seven of Queendom is airing, Mnet Gave us another preview of what is to come.

In the video we see the members of the performance team getting ready to go on stage. They all look varying degrees of nervous – the leader Moonbyul seems practically completely confident and Soojin looking like she had better days.

In today’s episode we’re going to see the individual performances of all members of “Six Puzzle” in addition to their group performance of Little Mix’s “Power”.

As if we haven’t already been super excited to see what they would show us, in the preview we heard Chanmi saying that this choreography is the hardest one she has ever done. We’re literally shaking from excitement.

But the most interesting part of the preview has to be the mystery idol Park Bom chose to represent her in the performance unit. We found out that “Six Puzzle” themselves don’t know who this person is and that they may not see her until the live performance. But how does that work? Don’t they need to practice together?

Only a few more hours until we get some answers. Stay tuned for our recap of today’s episode!

UPDATE (October 7)

Another Monday, another Queendom preview. Let’s see what Mnet has in store for us this Thursday.

At the beginning of the video we see the performance team rehearsing their “Power” dance routine. Yein and Chanmi are killing it, while YooA seems to be experiencing some issues.

Our favorite power duo Hwasa and Kei are facetiming. Kei, being the considerate friend that she is, asks Hwasa whether she ate and Hwasa responds that she just ordered food. Kei tells her that she misses her, and Hwasa gets a bit flustered, but says it back.

Once again we see Park Bom and Hyojung opening up to each other and crying. We hope they feel better now. A good crying session is sometimes very therapeutic.

And the snippets of their performances… Oh man, we’re not ready. It’s settled – the Queendom girls are going to push global warming over the edge. At least we’ll all go out happy.

Can’t wait for Thursday!


Is it just us or are the girls getting funnier and funnier each week? Don’t believe us? Check out our episode six recap.

Mnet has already uploaded the first preview of next week’s episode.

In the short clip we see Hyojung and Park Bom talk about the hardships they’ve gone through and the two end up in tears. And they they start laughing and hugging, so we guess they’re okay now.

Minnie and Hyejeong didn’t have any heart-to-heart conversations and instead opted for going to a tarot place to find out what’s in their cards. Judging by what we saw and heard today, winning this round is definitely on the table.

They each pick one card and start squealing with happiness when the woman tells them one card means very good things, but… There is a catch. I guess we all have to wait until the next episode to find out what that catch is.

The last few seconds of the preview show us that we’ll finally see the girls’ performances next week. We also see the mysterious sixth member of the performance unit, but their face is blurred out. Sneaky Mnet.

Stay tuned for all further updates throughout the week!

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