What To Expect From ‘Queendom’ Final Episode?

In just three short days, on October 31, we are finally going to find out who the winner of Queendom is. Mnet just uploaded the preview for their final episode.

As you can see from the video, each and every one of the girls seems excited for their final stages. While in the previous episodes the girls sometimes seemed disheartened after seeing other groups perform, saying that they deserve to win first place, there was none of that in this preview. Since this is going to be be final stage, all the girls claimed they are going to be the winners.

And it very well might be. Since only 35,000 out of 100,000 votes have been distributed so far, everything depends on how well the girls’ songs will fare on the charts and how show-stopping their last stage will be.

Are you excited for the finale? It’s going to be almost three hours long!

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