X1 Achieve 11th Win And Triple Crown

Today, September 19, X1 once again performed on Mnet’s M Countdown stage and got their 11th win overall and 3rd win on M Countdown in a row, which means that “Flash” won the so called “triple crown“. This also means that they can’t promote on M Countdown anymore.

You can watch their latest winning performance below.

There is something very poetic about the fact that an 11 member group won 11 first places with their debut track, don’t you think?

The boys have a busy few days ahead of them. They are performing at the 12th Korean Music Festival in Tokyo on September 22 and 23. To remind you, they already have a successful KMF performance under their belts – on September 16 they performed in Sapporo, Japan.

Congratulations, boys, and we wish you a safe trip!

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