X1 Chuseok Messages

Our boys are enjoying a few days off for Chuseok, but they realized that a few days without them would be too much for One It, so they made sure we got our daily dose of X1 over on their Twitter account.

Yesterday they posted their group Chuseok messages…

… and today they continued with the best kind of spam on their other Twitter account.

Hangyul expressed his sadness that Chuseok holidays are coming to an end soon, but he assured us he ate a lot of persimmons. What a uniquely strange tweet. We love it.

Next was the ultimate cutie Hyeongjun. He warned One Its that they should be careful of the cold weather so as not to get sick and he asked us to always wear a seatbelt. His final wish was for everyone celebrating Chuseok to eat lots of tasty food. Even in his down time he’s thinking of others, that’s the true holiday spirit!

The other ultimate X1 cutie Dongpyo asked One It if they were spending Chuseok well and added that he has a special gift for us… the gift being his photos, of course.

The older members wanted in on the fun as well. Wooseok was the first one to post and in his Tweet he assured us that he’s already recovered from his chalazion surgery and wished everyone a happy Chuseok.

Yohan kept it short and straight to the point and wished “Lovely One It” a happy Chuseok and a great weekend. Why, thank you Yohan!

And finally, our leader Seungwoo, our favorite arctic fox, also told everyone to enjoy both the holiday and the weekend and eat lots of good food. Hey, even though we’re not celebrating Chuseok, if Seungwoo tells us to eat a lot, we damn sure will!

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