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Today was a good day, One It, as we got not one, not two, but three hints for the upcoming debut on the boys’ Twitter account.

This absolutely has to be a choreo hint! Now every time we watch the video and see this move, we’ll think of Dohyon pretending to catch a dumpling, but we are not complaining! He is absolutely adorable!

This is… something. Definitely not adorable, though. Let’s just say that Hangyul and Wooseok look really… Fierce. Yeah, let’s go with that. We really can’t wait to see the full choreo for “Flash”!

And just look at this cherry on top! “One It, there’s no reason to wait”? Then stop making us wait!

Less than 48 hours to go! Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow to see if the boys gave us more hints!


After a one-day break, we’re back in business! The boys just uploaded their title track “Flash” MV teaser.

The boys look fantastic, but we already knew that. And that dance break, wooo! They look so fierce and in sync, and there’s eleven of them. That can’t be easy to achieve.

Also, why is Seungwoo sitting on a ladder? And does it seem to you that Hyeongjun’s eyes get bigger and more beautiful every day?

Can you believe that in three days they’re finally going to debut?


One It, we finally got our album highlight medley!

The title track “Flash“, sounds like a complete bop, and so do “Prettiest When You Smile“, “U Got It” (but we already knew this), “Move” (I mean, it was produced by ZICO, of course it’s good), and “X1 – MA“. The only slow song on this mini-album titled “It’s Alright” sounds like a warm blanket being wrapped around you. The boys themselves said they think the song will be a good consolation for their fans when they are feeling down, so this makes sense.

By the way, we got this last piece of information from the first episode of their new reality, and we have a whole article about it, so if you want to, you can check it out by clicking here.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for new X1 debut updates and let us know down below which song are you most excited to hear!


Today we got the first concept trailer!

The trailer is definitely very dark and serious, but the boys look so good in it. That’s especially impressive if you remember that more than half of them are just teenagers. This trailer totally have a vibe of some CF for something that costs more than our entire existence, but we would still try to scrape some money together to buy it.

So far X1 posted their individual and group photos for two different versions of their album. This trailer would go with the “we’re all tall, handsome and brooding, yes, even our 14-year-old maknae” version. Does this mean we’re getting another video tomorrow? The cute one?

Definitely check back in tomorrow to find out!


After their debut on the Billboard charts last week, X1 just keep climbing them. This week they managed to secure 2nd place on Billboard’s Social Top 50 and Emerging Artist, as well as the 85th place on Artist Top 100. BEFORE THEY EVEN DEBUTED!

We also got this clip from their show-con dance practice.

“U Got It” X1 Version is alive and T-H-R-I-V-I-N-G! They really could have made the video just a little longer, tho. Oh well, I guess will get to see them in a week.

On a scale from one to Dohyon’s rapping, how exited are you for their debut? Keep checking the article, we have a feeling there might be another update today.


Just a few short hours after we finally got a name (now they have to keep us, right? Like when you get a pet, it’s not official until it has a name), X1 posted their group concept photos on their officical Twitter account. And just like the individual photos, we got two versions.

I don’t think the world is ready for their debut.

Hopefully this duality visible in the concept photos will also be present on the album in the form of a nice variety of different sounds. Which version do you like better? Let us know down below and keep checking this article, as we will keep updating it daily!




A day after the last of the concept photos of individual members were posted, X1 continue to feed our obsession with their debut.

Today they posted the tracklist for their debut album Quantum Leap.

Seven songs for their first mini album? Not bad at all!

Speaking of “Flash”, Mnet just announced that on August 22 at 8 pm KST, X1’s debut reality show will see the light of day. If you didn’t realize, it’s also going to be called “Flash”.

According to their announcement, this reality will show us how the members prepared for their debut and how they really felt about everything they had to do. An interesting concept to say the least.

We know we’ll be watching the show, so stay tuned for that and for all future debut updates!


Ladies and gents, the last member’s concept photos are out and it is time to gather them all in one place. In this article you will find everything X1 posted on all of their social media accounts in preparation for their debut on August 27 at 6 pm KST.

Even though we are sure you already know all the members, it doesn’t hurt to officially introduce them once again.

The first concept photos X1 posted were of the leader and vocalist Seungwoo. He is 24 years old which means it is OK for us to say that he looks like a snack in these photos.

The next member to be formally introduced to the world was the 23-year-old vocalist-rapper Seungyoun who can seriously rock a middle-part.

On August 10 we got to see the still 22-year-old cutie Wooseok. The vocalist blew us away with that soft look in the first concept photo.

The almost 20-year-old Yohan was next. In the newly-formed group he’ll be taking the positions of vocalist, rapper and center. We understand why.

Then came Hangyul, another 20-year-old, but this one is a vocalist and a dancer, and, judging by these photos, the ultimate king of duality.

The sixth pair of concept photos showed us the 17-year-old vocalist Junho looking great with that warm brown hair.

The 16-year-old absolute cutie, dancer and vocalist Dongpyo  came next. Yes, cutie is his official position.

Then came the surprise of a century – blond Minhee. We fell in love with 16-year old vocalist while he was still a brunette, but he definitely rocks his new hair.

Two days ago we finally got to see Eunsang. The 16-year-old vocalist’s photos looked so good that he was trending worldwide! You can check out our article about that here.

The second-to-last member was Hyeongjun. This 16-year-old is a rapper and a dancer, and, word on the street is, he can also melt hearts with one look with those big beautiful eyes.

And today, August 18, X1 posted Dohyon‘s concept photos. Believe it or not (we definitely have trouble believing it), this rapper is not even 15 yet!

You’ll have an even harder time believing he’s only 14 when you check out this video of him rapping.

Riiiiight? This is not the only video X1 posted just to tease us with the member’s talent. If you remember, a few days ago we got to hear the leader Seungwoo’s angelic voice in this clip.

If you’re like us and can’t wait for their debut to finally happen, stay tuned. Over the next week up until their debut, we will regularly update this article as X1 publish new content!

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