X1 Debut Stage On M Countdown

After many complications with finding hosts, X1 managed to hold their debut stage today, August 29, on M Countdown

Seems like some sort of bad luck keeps following them, though, since Yohan sprained his ankle during filming this morning. However, that didn’t stop him from performing. After he got his ankle treated, he came back and finished filming. Props to him for such dedication and professionalism!

The boys first performed “I’m Here For You” followed by “Like Always”.

Who else shed a tear during “I’m Here For You”?

After those two performances, the boys had a little chat with the MCs. They thanked everyone who believed in them and supported them, and they announced UP10TION’s performance. A sweet moment given the fact that they’re Wooseok’s original group.

Also, do you remember one of the choreo hints? The one with Dohyon catching a dumpling?

Well, we found out that this part is the point in “Flash”. You can watch their mini-interview here.

They also announced their “Flash” Hot Debut Stage, and sure enough, their performance was fire!

What did you think of their performances? Which one did you like best? Let us know down below!

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