The day has finally come! X1 just released their debut title track “Flash“. And boy, it’s a BOP!

We don’t know where to start! The talent is absolutely everywhere.

We already knew that these eleven boys were extremely talented and that they work well together, but they took this to another level with this song and MV. They said they can take us high, and they sure did.

The beat drop after they whisper-yell “Flash” is insane, the vocal line outdid themselves again, and Dohyon, the sweet 14-year-old Dohyon, needs to sit down and stop.

We also really liked how they managed to include both their concepts in the MV – it turned out to be a perfect combination of fierce and sexy and sweet and innocent (just as it should since half of their members are minors!).

We cannot express our excitement enough! Be sure to come back in a few hours, we’ll give you a recap of their show-con that’s set to start in two hours!

Fly high!

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