“X1 FLASH” First Episode Highlights

One would think that not much can happen in just a little over half an hour, but X1 showed us we were very wrong.

In the first episode of their new reality show “X1 Flash” we got to hear how they decided to become idols.

Yohan told us about his Taekwondo training and how he wanted to represent Korea in major competitions before he decided to become an idol in middle-school. Lucky for him (and for us), his family was very supportive when he told them about his dreams, which was obviously a good choice.

The maknae Dohyon said he always loved music and that this love just naturally progressed into writing his own music and considering performing as a career-path.

The leader Seongwoo admitted that he lacked confidence as a kid. He told us how he got the idea of becoming an idol after going to noreabang (karaoke box) with his friends. After that he went to Seoul to audition and he became a trainee. He said that he was very happy that his hard work had paid off and that he was looking forward to working with the rest of the boys on achieving their goals.

Did we mention that all of this was accompanied by their baby pictures? Because it was and it was adorable.

Some other notable things that happened in this episode were the boys finding out about their impressive Billboard rankings, us seeing the behind-the-scenes of their trailer shoot and them showing us a glimpse of their showcase stage concept.

Finally, we got to hear their album highlight medley, but to find out more about that you’ll have to check out our “X1 DEBUT COUNTDOWN” article.

Did you manage to catch the first episode? What did you think if you did? Let us know down below.

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