“X1 FLASH” Second Episode Highlights + KCON Thailand Announcement

It’s a busy debut week for our favorite eleven boys. A few hours ago they had their debut stage on M Countdown, and now Mnet released the second episode of their reality series “X1 FLASH”.

In this week’s episode we found out that when they first met, nobody knew how to properly address each other, since some of the older members look so much younger than the actual babies of the group.

Everybody gushed about how cute Dongpyo and Hyeongjun are, and we definitely can’t blame them.

We also got to hear some of their quirky habits. For example, Junho takes notoriously long showers, while Eunsang carries a bottle of perfume everywhere he goes and sprays it around.

Yohan sleeps in his socks, and Hyeongjun is Wooseok’s “song alarm” because he wakes him up cutely when the elder has trouble getting out of bed. The maknae Dohyun eats the most – sometimes he has three dinners. Good for him! He is only fourteen and needs his strength, after all.

Later on in the episode we saw Wooseok teach Minhee how to eat chicken feet and we found out that when they were filming their MV, Yohan said “fresh” instead of “flash”. Was he wrong though? Their comeback is like a breath of fresh K-pop air.

In other news, we just found out that the boys will be attending KCON Thailand the last weekend of September (28 til 29).

We’re excited to see the boys fill their schedule so quickly after their comeback!

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