X1 Get Their 3rd Win On M Countdown

Our boys are on a roll! Yesterday they got their second win on MBC Music’s “Show Champion”, and today they secured their third win on this week’s episode of Mnet’s “M Countdown”.

Before the start of the actual performances, we got to see X1 announce the lineup in this adorable round of charades, and our very own Lee Eunsang was a special MC in today’s episode!

Mnet obviously shares the general public’s opinion that the boys’ “Flash” performance deserves to be seen from all angles, so they decided to bless us with a regular version…

… and a skycam version!

As much as we loved seeing the boys from this perspective, we have to admit that seeing Yohan all alone for four minutes kind of broke our hearts just a little.

But you know what put a smile right back on our faces? This dance practice video the boys uploaded earlier today.

For those people who might have thought that the choreo look so impressive just because they were in those fierce suits, want to reevaluate?

Anyway, congratulations to X1 for another win! Let’s keep this ball rollin’ 😉

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