X1 Idol Room Highlights

Today, September 10 at 6:30 pm KST X1 appeared on Idol Room. This was their first time that they appeared on a variety show all together (Wooseok and Yohan appeared on Let’s Eat Dinner Together, and they were also joined by Hyeongjun on Prison Life Of Fools).

It really makes no sense to retell the whole episode in this article, so we’re just going to mention a couple of our favorite moments.

One definite highlight of the episode was when Wooseok arm wrestled with the MC and won. This victory earned him the title of the strongest member, which really isn’t all that surprising given that he was into Korean wrestling (ssireum) when he was younger. Although, Hangyul and Yohan could give him a run for his money – they used to be seriously into taekwondo.

The MCs then asked them who would be a good center for EXO’s steamy bop “Love Shot“. The catch was that they couldn’t pick each other, the member who felt the sexiest had to speak up for himself. Lo and behold, Wooseok thought he was the sexiest member and tried to prove it by making sexy faces at the camera. The rest of the boys were less than impressed. Dongpyo really tried not to laugh at his hyung but, alas, the boys is not made of stone.

At one point in the show they tasked Yohan to improvise a sexy dance to Taemin’s “Move”. His dance sure did provoke some reactions, but not the ones he hoped for – the boys couldn’t contain their laughter. Hangyul and Wooseok also gave it their best, but the results were similar. Chin up, boys, Taemin’s dance prowess belongs in its own category, the MCs set you up to fail.

Next were girl and boy group challenges. The danced to already iconic songs such as “Tempo” and “Fake Love“, as well as more recent hits like “Fancy“, “Snapping“, “Lalalay” and “ICY“. We seriously can’t decide which challenge we liked better!

Being on Idol Room is no joke – the boys had to do a frontflip on a trampoline. Dongpyo and Minhee somehow managed, but the leader Seungwoo turned out to be too tall for the task. Somehow we think he doesn’t mind.

Towards the end of the episode Dohyon subtly bragged about knowing how to play guitar, ukulele and piano. GUYS, he’s not even 15. What’s up with all the maknaes of every band being so damn talented?!

Anyway, Dohyon prepared a piano version of “Flash” for the show, and he was joined by Eunsang on the violin and Junho on some kind of a flute. We have to admit they were kind of out of tune, but they were absolutely adorable.

And that’s it! Did you watch Idol Room today? What was your favorite moment?

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