X1 Japan VLive & Flash 8th Win

This morning, September 15, the boys flew to Japan to perform at the Korean Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan. This will be the boys’ first international concert since debut. X1 is set to perform tomorrow, Septeber 16, as well as on September 22 and 23.

The boys handled their first collective airport appearance rather well, even though there was a huge crowd of fans waiting for them. We’re glad to see that their security managed to keep the boys safe. You can see the full video below.

Once at the hotel, Wooseok and Yohan decided to go on V Live, which they announced on their official Twitter profile.

A few minutes into the video they were joined by Hyeongjun, and soon after that by Hangyul. By the end of the video Seungyoun and Dongpyo also joined in on the fun. The boys were trying to decide what to eat, and after some deliberation they opted for Samyang Ramen, sometimes also called “hell noodles” due to its spiciness.

Even though Yohan was the one who initially wanted to eat, he quickly gave up on it. First he fed Wooseok and then gave the rest to Hyeongjun and Hangyul. If you didn’t know, Hangyul doesn’t really do spicy food and after one bite he was *done*. We’re glad he survived that experience.

For some reason the X1 boys seem to be very prone to self-inflicted injuries. First Yohan twisted his ankle during their debut stage, and now Wooseok complained about his hand hurting because he hit himself while rehearsing “Stand Up“.

Hyeongjun talked about how he’s not used to flying and how the pressure changes felt really weird. We don’t know what to say other than, he better get used to it because it seems that they they have a successful career ahead of them, which means they’ll be flying all over the world.

Speaking of that successful career, the boys’ debut title track “Flash” got it’s 8th win today on Inkigayo. Congratulations, boys!

We hope all three performances go well and we’ll definitely keep you posted!

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