X1 Make Yohan Feel Special For His Birthday

On September 22 our very own Yohan turned 21 (Korean age).

Can you believe that this chubby bundle of joy…

… turned into this dashing young man (with strong thighs, but that’s beside the point).

As we have seen a few days ago in the video of Dongpyo’s surprise birthday party, member’s birthdays are serious business in the X1 family.

The boys made everyone custom T-shirts which read “Kim Yohan, Happy Birthday”. Can we just add that Dohyon and Eunsang look adorable with those huge hearts on their T-shirts?

We’re glad to inform you that Yohan got to hear One It sing “Happy Birthday” to him today during their performance at the Korean Music Festival in Tokyo. What an amazing way to spend his first (of hopefully many) birthday as a member of X1!

We hope the second day of the festival goes even better than the first!

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