[X1] Minhee Gets The Best B-Day Present

X1 have time and time again proved that they are absolute kings of birthday surprises, and September was a busy month for them with Dongpyo, Minhee and Yohan all celebrating their birthdays in the span of two weeks.

We have already seen what they did for Dongpyo’s and Yohan’s birthdays, and today they uploaded a video of their birthday surprise for Minhee.

Amidst their busy schedule and travelling in and out of Korea, the boys obviously didn’t have all the necessary birthday party supplies. Did they let that stop them? Of course not. All you really need for a party is a cake and some creativity and they had both.

What do you do when you don’t have a party hat for the birthday boy? You make him wear a plastic bag, of course! And what if you don’t have the presents with you? You use God’s gift to mankind, a.k.a. Cho Seungyoun instead. Who would complain about finding THAT in their closet?

We hope the boys will continue making these videos and sharing them with us, so we can see how each of them spent their first birthday as members of X1 🙂

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