X1 Update: Holidays, Billboard And MC Wooseok

One It, our boys are finally getting some well-deserved time off. First they were in Produce, then they prepared for their debut, and now they’ve been promoting it for two weeks straight – they must be exhausted.

According to this Naver article, the boys will have a week off for Chuseok and they are planning on spending it with their families. While we are going to miss them while they’re gone, we know they’re going to come back refreshed and hopefully well-fed.

In other news, X1’s debut album Quantum Leap and their title track “Flash” made it on Billboard’s World Albums and World Digital Song Sales chart. The album entered the chart at no. 9, and “Flash” debuted at no. 17. Congratulations, boys!

And finally, SBS’ The Show announced that none other than our very own Kim Wooseok will be a special MC in the upcoming episode of the music show. Speaking of Wooseok, according to this source, he never planned on becoming an idol or being in the public eye at all – he wanted to be a barista, but his good looks caused him to be cast on the street. Even then he didn’t jump on the opportunity, but his parents encouraged him to give it a go and the rest is history.

We want to personally thank his parents for giving him a push in the right direction 🙂

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