X1’s Birthday Surprise For Dongpyo

Back on September 9, our resident X1 cutie Dongpyo turned 18 (Korean age). The rest of his bandmates definitely didn’t let this opportunity to do something nice for him go to waste.

Today they shared a clip of the surprise party they threw him over on their Twitter account.

In the short (but sweet) clip we see that the boys went all out – the decorations, the birthday hats, even an adorable cake. And while the rest of the boys just patiently waited for the birthday boy to arrive, Junho got a bit mischievous and decided to pop a balloon when Dongpyo enters the room.

We also saw Dongpyo coming downstairs, not knowing what the boys have in store for him, saying that he doesn’t want his birthday to end. Serendipity!

He entered the room all shy and cute and the boys started bellowing Happy Birthday. The way he jumped when Junho popped the balloon was so adorable. He blew out his candles and the boys smeared some cake on his face, making him even cuter than he already was.

They all took some pictures and Dongpyo took this opportunity to once again thank everyone who sent him birthday messages. He said that this birthday is especially meaningful because it is his first birthday as an X1 member. How sweet!

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cuteeeee <3

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